माझे मराठी वाचन

Welcome to "Maze Marathi Vachan" an interactive app designed to help learners discover the beauty of the Marathi language through games and interactive learning.

Welcome to "Maze Marathi Vachan" – Your Gateway to Discovering the Beauty of Marathi Language!

Are you eager to explore the rich tapestry of Marathi language and culture? Look no further! Our interactive app is tailored to make learning Marathi an enjoyable experience for everyone.

📚 Fun Educational Games:

Engage in a variety of entertaining games and activities designed to enhance your Marathi vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar skills.

🎨 Interactive Lessons:

Immerse yourself in comprehensive lessons covering basic words, phrases, and advanced language concepts, all while having a blast.

🧩 Engaging Challenges:

Solve puzzles, master word searches, and ace quizzes to reinforce your learning and earn exciting rewards.

🔊 Pronunciation Assistance:

Perfect your pronunciation by listening to accurate pronunciations of Marathi words.

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Featured Learning Games

Game: Tap the Correct Balloon

In this engaging game, players will test their Marathi vocabulary knowledge by tapping the balloon containing the correct translation or image corresponding to the given Marathi word or phrase.

  • Players are presented with a Marathi word or phrase at the top of the screen.
  • Multiple balloons with either translations or images corresponding to the given word/phrase float around the screen.
  • The player needs to quickly identify and tap the correct balloon containing the accurate translation or image before it disappears or the time runs out.
  • Correct answers earn points and progress the player to the next challenge.

"Tap the Correct Balloon" is a stimulating and interactive way for users to reinforce their Marathi vocabulary skills while enjoying a playful gaming experience within the "Maze Marathi Vachan" app.

Listen and Solve MCQ

This game challenges users to listen to spoken Marathi audio clips and answer multiple-choice questions based on the content they hear.

  • Users select the "Listen and Solve MCQ" game mode.
  •  They listen to an audio clip in Marathi.
  •  After listening, users are presented with multiple-choice questions related to the audio content.
  •  Users choose the correct answer from the provided options within the given time limit.
  •  Points or rewards are awarded based on the accuracy and speed of their responses.

Listen and Open the Hat, Tap Correct Sequence

This game tests users' ability to remember and reproduce a sequence of actions or sounds heard in Marathi audio prompts by opening virtual hats in the correct order.

  • Users select the "Listen and Tap Sequence" game mode.
  • They listen carefully to the Marathi audio instructions that describe a sequence of actions or sounds.
  • After listening, the virtual hats appear on the screen, initially closed and not revealing their content.
  • Users tap on the hats in the correct sequence, reproducing the order of actions or sounds they heard in the audio.
  • Correctly following the sequence opens all the hats in the correct order, completing the challenge.


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